Environmental impacts


20 million tonnes of garbage each year makes its way to hundreds of landfill sites, mostly clustered around our capital cities. 

This represents about 40% of total waste generation in Australia.

There are around 600 officially registered sites and about 2,000 unregulated ones.

Around 75% of landfilled waste in Australia goes to 38 sites.

Waste Shipped Overseas


Countries like China and Malaysia and many others are no longer willing to take waste material s from Australia! 

•Australia has hit a crisis point with waste piling up at sites everywhere. 

•Envirogenic has the solution and require support from Local Councils, State and Federal Governments to assist with the further development and rollout of this project. 

Reduce Pollution


- Reduce pollution in all of its forms    

 - Reduce the amount of recycle    material going to landfill or incineration      - In time to reclaim materials that already    been lost to landfill    

Recycle is the way



Recyclables can be recovered by the Envirogenic System and  thus generating profit and reducing final waste to landfill.

Protect Natural Areas



Protect Natural Area’s By Reducing Waste Going To Landfill

Planet Earth



Our planet Earth and all its resources, is a treasure that must be preserved    

In a circular economy, the energy and recyclables combined can be used to make new products, and even contribute in the manufacture of the equipment used in the process itself!