The steam is brought up to a temperature of 160/180 deg.C, at a controlled pressure of 2-3 bar.

The mass is rotated, and the black bag waste is split open, allowing the waste to mix. Labels, paper and card, all absorb oils and fats, which then turns into fibre. The cans, glass, and plastics then become clean and sterile.

Exhaust Phase: The pressure is released from the chamber through an exhaust valve and the interior is restored to ambient pressure. Contents can then be emptied to a conventional sorting system for separation.


ENVIROGENIC recycling system capitalises on circulating standard thermal oil or an electric element to heat the waste to 160/180 DEG. This temperature is held for approx. one hour, keeping the pressure at about 2 bar, which then converts the existing moisture content in the MSW (normally about 50% if lower, then ordinary water can be added) into steam within the mass! The result is a much lower operating cost than conventional high pressure steam autoclaving, used in the past. 

These high pressure steam systems rely on injecting steam into the mass. This high pressure steam requires very pure water, and a large costly steam generation plant. Also, because of initial chilling of the steam, this creates a very wet dirty mass to dispose of after treatment. 

This excess water has to be cleaned and safely disposed of to avoid any outside contamination. One further disadvantage of the old system is that for each pressure vessel size, there is less room for the waste because of the excess water.

Support us to help the environment

In a circular economy, the energy and recyclables combined can be used to make new products, and even contribute in the manufacture of the equipment used in the process itself!

 Our planet Earth and all its resources, is a treasure that must be preserved  


The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. 


Let us help you regain these resources to nature's best advantage."


•Made In Australia

•Reduces Landfill BY 85%

•Low Operational Costs

•Helps the Environment 

•Creates Employment

•Export Opportunity 

Household waste is a major concern and the amount of going to landfill is a bigger concern to the environment and if we can get councils and interested parties to assist in the development of this project  would be most welcomed.

Our plan as outlined is to make a difference and help the environment, we do require funding and support how  little or large would be most welcomed to have the prototype constructed.